• David Lilja

Why Modernize your Elevator?

If your elevator is more than 10 years old it’s time to start thinking about modernizing your equipment. Modernizing your elevator can improve safety, reliability and increase the value of your building. As your elevator ages, your elevator company might require or suggest you update components, most of these suggestions are due to proprietary equipment, don’t get caught in this cycle.

Modernizing your elevator will, improve operational efficiency and performance, increase safety, reduce building costs, ensure your equipment complies with applicable codes, increase passenger comfort and enhances the aesthetics of your equipment and building. Below are a list of items to consider updating:

  • Cab Interior can improve the ride comfort and improve the image of your asset immediately.

  • Door Equipment will improve passenger safety, enhance the aesthetics and reduce operating noise.

  • Controller can provide faster response times, increase ride comfort, provide energy efficiency, with non-proprietary options in the market.

  • Signal Equipment, become ADA Compliant, update the aesthetics of your lobby, upgrade the communication and lighting systems.

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