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What is a TCO and how does it affect me?

What is a "TCO", which is also known as a Temporary Certificate of Operation.

When your annual 3rd Party elevator conveyance inspections have been completed, and the inspection reports have been received by the State of Colorado, you might receive a notice from the State of Colorado with a "TCO" in replace of a Certificate of Operation.

Significant violations that warrant the issuance of a Temporary Certificate of Operation:

* Emergency phone in elevator does not work

* Fire service operation does not work

* Door restrictor does not work or is missing

* Failure to submit an acceptance inspection following an alteration

* "Repeat" Violations; these are violations that were identified during the previous year's inspection and still haven't been corrected.

* Safety Test that hasn't been completed within 120 Days of your annual 3rd Party Inspection.

When the State receives your 3rd Party Inspection report, you will have 60 Days to correct any deficiencies listed on the TCO to avoid additional fines or penalties. Once corrected, the Affidavit for the State of Colorado must filled out and signed and dated and emailed to The affidavit can be signed by your elevator maintenance contractor, mechanic or owner/owners agent.

The TCO requirements listed above is only for Elevator's under the Jurisdiction of the State of Colorado.

For Questions Regarding TCO's or anything Elevator Related Contact:

David Lilja

Professional Elevator Inspections, Inc.

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