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Elevator Money Saving Tips

By: Rocco Cancelli

Money Saving Tips

Have you ever placed a trouble call for an elevator malfunction, only to receive a bill in the mail a few weeks later? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence with elevator companies citing “misuse”, “vandalism”, or other causes outside of their control.  As rates for elevator contractors rise sharply year over year, it is increasingly important to know what to check prior to placing a call. We at PEI have compiled a list of items that you can check before placing that call, saving you downtime and money.

1 – Clean the door sills

  • The sills are the nickel-plated tracks at the bottom of the doors. Often debris can accumulate in the tracks causing the doors to bind. It is good practice to vacuum and sweep out the tracks each time the elevator interior is cleaned to ensure this does not happen.

2 – Clean the door edge

  • The door edge utilizes an infrared light curtain that functions a lot like your garage door reopening beam. If anything blocks one of the hundreds of rays, the doors will not close. Clean the door edge cover with a rag and mild solvent.

3 – Check key switch positions

  • The key switches on the car operating panel are used for many functions. Before placing a trouble call, make sure all the switches are in the correct positions. A trouble-call where a technician merely resets a switch can cost thousands of dollars!

4 – Check building power         

  • If you have checked the items above and problems persist, ensure that there is power to the elevator. Check to make sure the disconnect switch is in the proper position, and if equipped, the feed breaker is not tripped. If there are any anomalies noted, contact an electrician to restore service prior to calling in the elevator company.

5 – Understand Your Contract  

  • If the malfunction if after hours, getting a technician that night can be very costly. Some contracts allow for 24/7 coverage for things like this, but if you are one of the 75-80% of owners that do not have that coverage, things can get out of hand, fast. If you are unsure about the level of coverage, if possible, request service during “regular working hours” this will ensure that your elevator is at the top of the list come the next work day, and often this will come without any extra invoice.

If ever you feel that you were wrongly billed for a trouble call, repair, or would like an extra set of eyes to review your contract let us know. We are here to help owners and managers manage budgets and keep elevators running safely and efficiently. 


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