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Case Study July 2020


One of our clients had a damaged set of car doors from repeated impacts of electric pallet jacks. The doors had been "repaired" several times, each time the integrity of the doors and hangers become further compromised. The incumbent maintenance provider supplied a proposal, and PEI was asked to review. Upon review, PEI believed that both the scope of work and cost of the repair were not in-line with current market pricing, and the proposed lead times were found to be unacceptable to the property.


PEI utilized our proven, solution oriented approach of performing a survey, detailing a scope of work, and then issuing a request for proposal to our elevator contractor partners.


PEI received five (5) responses from contractors ranging in cost from $7,000 to $29,000based on the scope of work provided.

Most contractors had similar lead times of 12-14 weeks based on published OEM replacement lead times. One preferred vendor was able to source material from a thirdparty vendor, producing lead times of 2-3 weeks. This contractor was also the most cost effective, at 24% of the incumbent provider's proposed rate.


By leveraging our industry leading knowledge, experience, and network, PEI was able to significantly reduce equipment downtime, un-budgeted expenses, and client time investment, all while ensuring the highest commitment to safety and quality.

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