There are two options in situations like this:


1) They can leave their certificates spread throughout the year, aligned with the witnessed test dates, and just have you guys out to inspect each car as the certificates expire.


2) They can send us an email requesting that we align everything with whichever certificate expires earliest in the calendar year, e.g., if they have cars with witnessed test dates in February, March, and September, we can align everything in February. This is because they are agreeing to do the five-year for each car in February of whatever year they are due and we can only go earlier on those changes, not later. We will then issue certificates that line up together and you only have to go out once per year.


How you choose to advise them is up to you, but those are the options. If they prefer to keep everything spread out, the Operational Permit is still due with the first certificate to expire in a calendar year. So for the example above, if they left everything spread out, the Operational Permit and fees would be due in February.

What if I have multiple elevators all due in different months?

What if my annual and 5 year expire one month apart? (Ex. September and October)

For those, only one inspection in September will be required. We have permission from the State to extend certificates one month in cases like this while we align everything. Assuming no violations, their certificates will expire in October 2020 if inspected in September this year.

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