With over 100 years of combined expertise, we are one of the most trusted third parties in the elevator industry.

PROFESSIONAL ELEVATOR INSPECTIONS (PEI) was established in 2005 as a Colorado company to meet the newly enacted State of Colorado requirements for QEI inspections and safety tests. PEI is a registered, licensed, insured and qualified elevator inspection company. 

Our purpose is to provide Colorado state mandated elevator inspections and the enforcement of current codes. PEI provides professional and personal services within the boundaries set by the State of Colorado's safety codes for conveyances. We also offer a high level of expertise in escalators. In compliance with legislation, our inspectors are QEI certified and licensed by the State of Colorado. PEI is a member of the National Association of Elevator Authorities (NAESA). 

Our inspectors have a minimum of 20 years individual experience, bringing an extremely high level of knowledge to the field. Our unparalled experience in the elevator industry includes the areas of construction, service, consultation, sales, and management. We continue to familiarize ourselves with the latest code changes and safety standards in an ever changing technological environment

PEI is known for quality service, competitive rates, and a high level of integrity. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in making an informed decision regarding your elevator needs. We have 3 locations in Colorado: Louisville, Avon and Olathe which enables us to respond quickly and professionally to all our clients throughout the State of Colorado.



We have worked with PEI for years on a variety of properties, from parking garages to medical office buildings. They are our trusted, go-to source for code information and even took the time to meet us on-site at a property to teach us how to perform lock-outs and recall tests. Their accuracy in reporting and billing cannot be outdone, but what we value most is their effective communication; email reminders are just the beginning! We would recommend Professional Elevator Inspections to anyone seeking reliability and precision, all from a friendly and trustworthy team.


-Gibbons-White, Inc. Property Management Team


We provide more services than just 3rd party inspections.

Inside the Elevator


Before you decide on renewing your service agreement let us perform a maintenance audit. We will assist in Maintenance Contract Review/Preparation Equipment Assessment, Elevator Performance Reporting and Elevator Maintenance.


We will assist you deciding which type of service plan is best for conveyance type, no matter the age.

Skyscraper Horizontal


Are you looking to have your elevator updated? Make sure you are ADA Compliant? We can assist with everything from determining equipment needs, writing specifications, assist in bids and analysis. Once your project begins we will provide progress inspections to ensure everything goes smoothly.


We work with all types of Elevator Manufacturers.



We provide 3rd party Independent Elevator Conveyance Inspections as required by the State of Colorado and Jurisdictions. All inspectors are QEI Licensed, and comply with the QEI-1 Code of Ethics (code of conduct) and are fully insured.


We have inspectors throughout the State of Colorado and can respond timely to any inspection needs including: Acceptances, Witness Tests, Annual Conveyance Inspections and Monthly Fire Service Testing. 

Pressing the Elevator Button


Elevators and Escalators are one of the most visible building assets. PEI, provides building owners & property managers, complete reviews of equipment, so you can plan for capital expenditures and budgeting. 

We will provide a clear analysis and recommendations for any type of elevator no matter the objective, from compliance and safety, aesthetics, performance, we can help you meet all your needs.



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